Gate Automation: Gate opener Paarl

We offer solutions for sliding gate motor in Paarl, swing gate opener Paarl and also double swing gate opener in Paarl to work with your application and environment. We offer anything from light residential to industrial heavy duty gate motor in Paarl. Contact us for your  Automatic gate motor in Paarl / Electric Gate opener Paarl and gate automation needs. “What makes the D5 SMΔRT gate motor paarl so smart? Well, lots of things, but wireless convenience is where this operator really shines! Pushing the limits of technology and the various safety factors around speed, the D5 SMΔRT gate operator can reach an impressive top speed of up to 36 meters per minute, striking the perfect balance between security and safety. 

“The D5 SMΔRT provides intelligent feedback on your operators overall functioning and reports on events such as the last remote pressed, the condition of the battery, gate status as well as the speed at which the gate is running, delivering maximum peace of mind and giving you the SMΔRT experience. And your installer will love the D5 SMΔRT operator, too! By capturing advanced technical data, the installer will have quick access to system diagnostics, saving him considerable time with the gate automation and effort and enabling him to do his job more efficient. For gate motor in paarl / Gate motor repair in Paarl

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Garage Automation: Garage Opener Paarl

We offer solutions for single and double garage doors with all applications including roll-up doors, tip-up doors and sectional doors. All our motors come with a battery backup. Contact us for your Garage door opener Paarl / Garage door operator Paarl and gate motor paarl / gate opener paarl

  • Designed to automate Residential Garage Doors
  • Equipped with battery back up in the event of a power failure.
  • Soft start & soft stop (for smoother operation)
  • On-board receiver.
  • 1000Nm Torque
  • Open and closed positions control electronically for precise stop/start positioning.
  • Electronic Anti-crush setting for safer operation (added safety)
  • Automatic Close Function (We only set this up if safety beams are in place)
  • Automatic Gate motor in Paarl –  Electric Gate opener repair, intercom systems, turnstile’s, boom barriers, access control, garage doors and more
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control who you grant access to...

Intercoms: Intercom repair Paarl

We supply

1 to 1 or 1 to many audio intercoms (Residential houses or small complexes)

1 to 1 or 1 to many video intercoms (Residential houses or small complexes)

GSM intercom systems that can load 1000’s of numbers with multiple dial options and they can all be loaded and also changed remotely from a web platform. Making it extremely easy to add and edit any details and settings on the system. Contact us for your intercom Paarl / Intercom repair Paarl.

The G-SPEAK ULTRA promotes the ultimate in convenience and peace of mind by combining wireless GSM technology with CENTURION’s futuristic and stylish ULTRA interface. Infused with the DNA of innovation, the G-SPEAK ULTRA allows wireless communication between the user and the intercom gate station, effectively turning the user’s phone into the intercom handset. Answer your intercom from anywhere in the world. Monitor and control up to four channels, independently configurable as either inputs or outputs. Receive SMS, Missed Call or email notifications on your mobile.

Automatic Gate opener paarl – Electric Gate Motor repair Paarl, intercom systems, turnstile’s, boom barriers, access control, garage doors and more

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Gate motor


control the flow of traffic

Boom barriers: Boom Repair Paarl

We offer both manual and automated boom barrier solutions depending on your environment and requirements. For high security applications our boom systems can be installed with automated spike barriers or automated bollards. Call us for a quote – Boom barrier Paarl – Boom repair Paarl.

This high-volume traffic barrier operator certainly helps to guard against unauthorised access, tailgating, vehicle theft and circumvention of paid parking systems with its rapid lowering of the boom pole – thereby significantly increasing security – and is tough enough to work reliably no matter where it is installed. When we developed the SECTOR II high-volume traffic barrier, we didn’t cut any corners to ensure that it is a steadfast solution of the highest quality and durability.

Very often, traffic barrier operators are used in conjunction with motorised gates at the entrances to business parks, housing estates, etc. The traffic barrier operator controls access during the day when traffic volumes are high and also while the gate is used at night when greater security is required. ChronoGuard can now be used to automatically switch operation from the SECTOR II to the gate motor paarl as and when required. Security has never been this convenient.

Automatic Gate opener paarl – Electric Gate Motor repair Paarl, intercom systems, turnstile’s, boom barriers, access control, garage doors and more

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Access Control

Turnstile barriers:

We offer solutions for all your requirements from residential to corporate and also commercial applications. We offer turnstile operator in waist height turnstiles, full height turnstiles, double turnstiles and more.

All of the above access automation can be integrated and connected to your access control system, intercom system or can be operated by remote controls.

Turnstiles have been around for decades, and with good reason. Not only are turnstiles remarkably robust and versatile, finding employment in a variety of settings and environments, but they are proven to dramatically increase security and even streamline…

Automatic Gate opener paarl – Electric Gate Motor repair Paarl, intercom systems, turnstile’s, boom barriers, access control, garage doors and more

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5 Reasons why getting a garage door motor in Paarl is beneficial to you you thought about getting a garage door motor installed in Paarl you might already know quite a bit about them, or maybe you believe it’s just an item of luxury. 

An automatic garage door motor is priceless for many users. These modern garage door operators take the hassle out of opening and closing your garage door in Paarl . Here are just some of the benefits of an automatic garage door motor in Paarl 


One of the main benefits of installing a garage door opener is certainly convenience. Garage door motors come with remote controls. You will not have to get out of the car to open the garage door. No need to leave your children unattended in the car. Don’t go outside in bad weather just to open or close your garage door operator in Paarl. 



It surely goes without saying that security is of great importance. Therefore you can rest assured that your automatic garage door motor will help to keep  not only your family but also your home safe. 

another great pro of installing automatic garage door openers is that it offers invaluable security for not only your car but also other items in your garage. 



Significantly eliminate the fear of the garage door crashing down on somebody or fingers getting caught anywhere. For those with a medical condition or young children, an automatic garage door in Paarl could certainly be essential. 


Although modern automatic garage door motors are not only advanced but also technical, their energy consumption is particularly low. Furthermore, this means they are cost effective and generally less damaging to the environment. 



Garage door motors certainly offer various features which by and large provide you with more convenience. Furthermore some other benefits of an automatic garage door opener also include the ability to be controlled with the help of smartphones. These enable you to ensure your door is not only closed but also open. 

Contact us for technical support or sales support, Electric Gate motor in Paarl

Why you should get a gate motor in Paarl

Do you like the convenience, security and peace of mind that the computer age has to offer? Don’t you think it’s about time to automate your entrance gate in Paarl and get with the century? Get a gate motor in Paarl.


If your answer is yes, then we can assist you. We stock a wide range of gate motors ranging from swing gate motor to sliding gate motor, from leading brands. 


A gate motor is a device which enables you to control your gate through a handheld device. It can be controlled with a remote or even a cellphone, if you install complementary equipment.  


There are so many advantages to having a gate motor in Paarl installed. No need to open your gate manually anymore. Having a gate motor in Paarl installed will make your life easier as well as safer. You can close your gate and make sure your property is secure before getting out of your vehicle. Don’t get out in the rain to manually open or close your entrance gate in Paarl. You control who enters your automated gate in Paarl.  


Your gate is your first line of defense against criminals. It is what separates you from the outside world. Have your gate in Paarl fitted with the very best gate motor in Paarl. We offer a wide range of gate operators for just about any application. 


Give us a call for technical support or sales support. 

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Have you wondered why you keep replacing your batteries?

Different battery sizes contribute to the effectiveness of your equipment, and here’s why. Usually, the larger the battery the more energy storage capacity it has. Larger batteries store more energy and provides a longer battery life. Batteries convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy, removing the need for a direct power source.

Gate motors, garage door openers, electric fence energizers and inverters, to name a few, are electrical security applications which use lead acid or gel batteries as an emergency backup.

There are countless brands of batteries on the market, some are good while others lack in quality. With the rise in electricity challenges is South Africa, it is important to understand the warranty and life expectancy of your battery.

Cycle life

This refers to the number of times a battery is discharged and then recharged. With the current blackouts in South Africa, we can have loadshedding from two to four times per day or every other day. This can result in possible capacity loss or even premature battery failure.


Recharge time

Batteries need to be re-charged with their specific charge specifications. Sealed lead acid batteries should be re-charged fully in the safest and shortest space of time. The re-charge should be uninterrupted and usually takes eight to twelve hours at a minimum charge rate.

With the current load shedding, the batteries won’t be charged in time for the next blackout. This exposes the battery to a “deep discharge” and may cause permanent damage to the battery’s capacity.

In many cases the original size battery is being replaced with a larger Amp Hour battery. However, very rarely are the charging systems upgraded or even set to charge at a higher rate of amps. If the battery isn’t fully charged by the next power outage, the battery’s life span will be drastically shortened.



If the correct care isn’t taken, considering the above mentioned, early replacement of batteries can be expected.

Remember that the battery that comes with your gate motor / garage door operator etc. is there solely as an emergency backup. It is advisable to switch your motor over to manual in order to preserve the battery life


Electric gate motor in Paarl, Garage door motor in Paarl, Electric Fencing

Upgrade your GSM devices before it’s too late

If you have a 2G or 3G gsm device, then you’ve probably wondered how the General Notice No 1271 of 2022 issued by the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies Government and published in Government Gazette will affect you. If not, well keep reading anyway.

We have been getting an influx of queries regarding this matter. It seems like the end user is not fully informed on what to expect and what actions to take and today I would like to clear things up a bit.

The government gazette was published on 8 September 2022 and it states that all mobile network providers must decommission legacy 2G and 3G network services by no later than 31 March 2024 (2G) and 31 December 2024 (3G). Some network providers however have indicated that they will be prioritising the decommissioning of 3G services.

So, if you have a cell switch or an intercom system in Paarl that currently operates with a 2G or 3G Sim card, your device will no longer work by the end of 2024. I therefore encourage users to upgrade to 4G/LTE enabled devices as soon as possible.

Upgrading your device holds many benefits. You might have noticed some annoying offline notifications during loadshedding. Well, this should become a thing of the past very soon. Networks have announced that they are investing a substantial amount of funds in backup power. Your connection during loadshedding should improve, making 4G more reliable.

It is important to note that the Centurion G-Speak 4G controller is available without the gate station. Enabling you to upgrade only this component and saving you money. “With the G-ULTRA, your entire world fits into the palm of your hand, giving you complete control at your fingertips. This is the evolution of GSM technology, designed to offer you the ultimate flexible, mobile-based access control and monitoring solution and allowing you to transcend archaic notions of what GSM can achieve.’’

 Accentronix has a wide range of intercom and cell switch options as well. For example, the cell switch infinity (4G/LTE) offers Bluetooth access control. You can operate your gate motor using your smartphone, manage remotes online and monitor the status of your electric fence.

There are many options for you to choose from. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

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